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Superb Cooling Skylights from Our Experts

Celebrating 5 Generations of Excellence

At Callaway Cooling Skylights, we make and distribute all types of skylights, including products designed to add ventilation and cool your home or building. For 5 generations, we've continued to develop more than 5 types of ventilating and cooling roof skylights so you can enjoy the best designs available in day lighting and natural cooling.

From our famous Hawaiian SkyVents™ to traditional  skylights, you have your pick from a range of products sure to fit your needs. Request a free estimate and find out how you can save with our skylights by contacting us today in Honolulu, Hawaii. 


Domes, Dome Skylights in Honolulu, HI

Beautiful  Skylights
Your options are endless when you choose Callaway Cooling Skylights, where we make an assortment of custom and dome skylights that let the sunshine in while you stay cool. Whatever you need to cool your home, we're sure to have, so Callaway today!. Our styles include:

Skydomes | Traditional Glass Skylights | Ventilating Skylights
Solar Cooling Fans | Tubular Hawaiian SkyVents | Sky Shades | Rolling | Lean-Tos | Pyramids-Triangles-Pole Houses | Custom Dome Skylights | Solaria | Greenhouses

Domes, Dome Skylights in Honolulu, HI
  • Natural, all-weather ventilation
  • Leak-proof and bug-proof
  • Carpenter ready/easy to install
  • No moving parts/no electricity
  • Removes odors and stuffy, stale air
  • Nothing to open or close
  • Reduces humidity, mildew, and mold
  • Screens do not block view
  • Standard sizes 2028 to 9696/weird sizes OK!
Domes, Dome Skylights in Honolulu, HI

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